The Green V’s favourite vegan sweet treats – and where to buy them! (UK version)


By Rachida.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one with a rather sweet tooth. Although I love savoury food – certified hummus addict right here – sometimes I just want something sweet and naughty, and a banana with Alpo yoghurt just won’t cut it.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite vegan sweets treats that are easy to find:


Skittles – I LOVE Skittles. Yes, they make me incredibly hyper-active and I usually eat more than I should, but for an occasional treat you really can’t beat these little cheekies. Available in supermarkets, corner shops, newsagents and grandparents’ cupboards the length of the country!

Turkish Delights – 99.9% of the time they are vegan, but just double check before you buy as very occasionally honey might be used. A delicious nibble to be enjoyed with a nice cup of tea.

Marks and Spencer Percy Pigs and Colin the Caterpillar (gelatine-free versions) – Simply amazing, and marvellously moorish, but be careful not to eat too many! Perfect for a pre-workout energy boost!

Australian Natural Strawberry Liquorice – Family Bargains is a chain of shops that sells all sorts of weird and wonderful items, from prints and canvases to lighting, cutlery and garden chairs. The strawberry liquorice is currently on offer for £1 – so stock up now!

Starburst (UK only) – The US version uses gelatine, however across the pond in the UK you can enjoy these chewy sweets without worry. Ideal for chucking a couple in your pocket if you’ll be out and about all day.

Oreos – I was never a fan of these until I went vegan and came across some in a Belgian supermarket. I like to have mine with a cup of tea (what else?!) and a side of Netflix.

Jus Roll Croissants – Living in Belgium, I really do miss croissants, and am yet to find a vegan one here. Jus Roll Croissants are available in the UK from most supermarkets and are so easy to make even I can do it. You don’t need to add any butter, but I enjoy mine with a little bit of apricot jam – bon appetite!

The free-from ranges from Tesco and Sainsbury’s have plenty of vegan-friendly offerings, just be careful to double check the ingredients, as often something labelled dairy-free will have eggs in. I love Tesco’s chocolate buttons (and they even do a white choc version too!) and Sainsbury’s Goody Good Stuff Sweets are pretty darn fabulous too!

If nothing has taken your fancy so far, then head to  for a fantastic choice of sweet treats – including my personal favourite, Freedom Vegan Marshmallows.


What are your favourites?



Rachida (and Poppy)

Rachida is a freelance journalist and copywriter. She runs The Green V website along with her blog, A Vegan in Brussels. Her goal is to make veganism more contemporary and accessible and to eat as much vegan cheese as humanly possible.




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