Jammie Dodgers – not for the likes of us

jammie dodger

In recent news, Burton’s Biscuit Company, who manufacture Jammie Dodgers, have announced a recipe change:  milk protein is now included in the recipe.

Apparently this is a bid to “improve flavour and texture” – although we didn’t think there was anything wrong with them in the first place.

If this is an attempt to increase sales, it just doesn’t quite seem to make sense. Let’s face it, when a tasty treat is vegan-friendly, we find it, buy it and eat it; and it certainly seems that the lowly Jammie D has a loyal following of vegans. Until now.

Whilst some may say a petition demanding the original recipe be reinstated might be rather petty, why shouldn’t we highlight the unnecessary use of animal products in food?


What are your thoughts?


Image c. Paul Hurst


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