Hellmann’s launches vegan mayonnaise


After several months of trying to sue Hampton Creek, the makers of Just Mayo, regarding their cruelty-free mayonnaise, it seems that Hellmann’s (owned by Unilever) is now planning its own egg-free version. The new product – Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread – promises a vegan-friendly, cholesterol-free recipe, and will launch in the US in February.

It certainly seems an interesting turnaround, and perhaps Unilever’s marketing team was surprised by the negative press the company received when it and the American Egg Board attacked Hampton Creek, something which only served to make more people aware of the vegan brand.

In a press release, Hellmann’s marketing director Russel Lilly commented: “Our fans have been asking us for organic and egg-less options with the creamy taste of Hellmann’s for years. We listened and responded by giving them choices that are priced competitively and available nationwide.”

Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick told the Associated Press that he wasn’t concerned by Hellmann’s latest offering: “I hope Kraft follows Unilever, then I hope Kraft and Unilever compete.”

Whilst the idea of non-vegan companies offering vegan alternatives might split the plant-based community, we at The Green V say that the more large companies that realise there’s a demand for animal-free products, the better.


Image credit: Unilever 



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